Congress leader Udit Raj compares Kumbh Mela with Madrasa closure, BJP retaliates

Bangla Hunt Desk: Congress leader Udit Raj has once again made headlines for his controversial remarks. Assam Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma is set to ban the running of Madrassa and Sanskrit schools from next November. According to him, the Qur'an should not be taught with government money.

Controversial remarks by a Congress leader

Congress leader Udit Raj has made a controversial remark in the wake of Assam Education Minister Himanta Bishwa Sharma's remarks. He compared the Kumbh Mela to a madrasa and wrote in a tweet, “If the Assam government stops teaching Koran in madrasas with government funds, then the Uttar Pradesh government should not spend Rs 4,200 crore for the Kumbh Mela.”

The BJP retaliated

BJP leaders did not stop attacking the Congress leader over his remarks. BJP spokesperson Samit Patra said, “This is the type of Gandhi family. Despite the Supreme Court ruling, they said, ‘Lord Sriram does not exist. It's just a fantasy. ” Meanwhile, Priyanka Gandhi said the Kumbh Mela should be stopped. That is why the pure people of the world call Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi 'advantage-badi' Hindus. “

The Congress leader sang the opposite

The Congress leader's tweet on Thursday sparked strong criticism in the political arena. “There is no religion in the state,” he said in an interview with a TV channel. Everyone should be treated equally. No one should be discriminated against. So I mentioned Kumbh Mela as an example.

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