Chinese scientist makes explosive claim that corona virus is man-made in Chinese lab

Bangla Hunt Desk: The whole world is fighting over the corona virus. China has been blamed for the epidemic from the very beginning, from the US president to various European leaders. But recently, a Chinese virologist made an explosive remark about the epidemic virus, which left Chinese President Jinping in the lurch.

Chinese virologist claims

Chinese virologist Li-Meng Yan called the epidemic corona virus man-made. He blamed the Chinese government, saying he had information to prove that the corona virus was a human-caused virus in China.

The virus originated in a Chinese lab

He further claimed that the virus did not originate from the sea food market in Wuhan. According to him, the virus was created in a Chinese lab. The genome sequence of this virus is like a human finger print. This also proves that it is a man-made virus.

Li-Meng Yan refused to accept the rate

He said he had been threatened after making the allegations against the Chinese government. Fearing for his life, he left Hong Kong for America. But he said all his documents were burned and his aides were told to spread false accusations against him. He even accused her of plotting to assassinate him. Despite all this, Chinese virologist Li-Meng Yan refused to give up. He wants to prove that this corona virus is a killer virus caused by humans in China.


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