China has entered Nepal, building one building after another! KP Sharma fell asleep

Bangla Hunt Desk: One day China is talking about strengthening its relations with Nepal. On the other hand, they are occupying the land of Nepal one after another. This time China has started occupying Humla in Nepal. China has built 9 buildings in Humla. Assistant Chief District Officer Dal Bahadur Hamal surveyed the Lapcha-Limi area of ​​Humla from August 30 to September 9, based on local media reports.

In that survey, he can see that China has built 9 buildings on Nepalese land. And then the sky fell on his head. Media reports initially said there was a building there. But now there are eight more buildings. Even China has occupied it in such a way that no Nepali is allowed to enter there.

The government of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has come under further pressure after images of Chinese infiltration went viral in Nepali media. Nepal used to ignore the Lapcha-Lipu region of Humal district due to its proximity to the headquarters. And with this opportunity, China has occupied that area. It is rumored that Chinese officials did not even visit the area.

This time the district administration office has sent its report on this matter to the Ministry of Home Affairs of Nepal. The report gives all the information about China's intrusion into Nepali territory. On the other hand, Nepal's Home Ministry has sent a letter to Nepal's Foreign Ministry to create pressure.

Earlier, it was reported that China has started occupying seven districts of Nepal. According to the survey department of Nepal's agriculture department, many villages in Gorkha and Darchula districts have been captured. In this way, the dragon is slowly swallowing Nepal. And Nepal's Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is so intoxicated with China that he refuses to listen.

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