China burns face! The satellite went bad before it reached orbit

China's optical remote sensing satellite failed. According to the Chinese media Global Times, the launch was correct, but after a while, mechanical problems began to appear on the satellite. Due to which the Chinese satellite could not reach the orbit of the earth.

It is learned that the satellite named 'Jilin-1 Gaofen 03C' was successfully launched from the launch pad at Qiaizhao-1 at 1 am. But after a while it started to have some technical problems Due to which the whole mission failed. Chinese scientists are currently investigating the cause of the mission's failure.

Chinese government spokesman Global Times published a report on the matter, but did not share details. The scientists involved in the mission are also silent about the failure of such a mission.

The Chinese government acknowledged the mission's failure but did not elaborate. They just said that the cause of the failure of the mission is being investigated. The government is reluctant to comment on whether the mission will be re-launched.


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