China builds house near Karakoram Pass to protect its troops from winter

BanglaHunt Desk: China is not listening to anything. Instead of retreating from the border area, Jinping's forces are sitting on the sidelines. India agreed with China at the meeting that the army would be removed from the Line of Actual Control. But instead of doing so, the Dragon Force is making a concerted effort to keep an eye on India even in the dead of winter.

The Chinese army is building houses on the border

To protect themselves from the bite of winter, the Chinese set up tents on the shores of Pangong Lake. According to sources, the Chinese army has also been seen building similar houses near Sajun Hill, south of Rechin La. It is believed that China is building such houses to protect its troops from the extreme cold in the border areas.

Indian soldiers are also ready

On the other hand, India is also ready to face the opposition in the winter. The United States has sent special winter clothing to keep Indian troops healthy and safe in Ladakh at minus degrees Celsius. Hot tents, special weapons and special clothing have also reached the border areas. On the other hand, during the winter months, the necessary food and drink for the soldiers have been delivered to their homes.

China is also building a base in Daulat Beg Aldi

On the other hand, the Chinese troops are advancing near Daulat Beg Aldi. Preparing missile system, helipad. About 80 km east of Daulat Beg Aldi, near Quizil Zilgar, the Chinese army planned to build six new houses with weapons.