China and India and Japan will stop China's grandstanding, the two countries' army chiefs said

Bangla Hunt Desk: India-Japan closeness in the international arena is becoming a matter of concern to China. In addition to the conflict in the LAC with India, India's dominance in the Indo-Pacific is slowly casting doubt on the Jinping government. In this situation, without establishing a peace agreement, China has no way to survive.

Phone conversation between the army chiefs of the two countries

In order to further strengthen India-Japan friendship, General Yusa, Chief of Staff of the Japanese Army, recently held talks with Indian Army Chief General MM Norvani. The two military chiefs agreed to uphold their rights against China's illegal entry into the Indo-Pacific Ocean through talks. At the same time, the joint connection of the armies of the two countries was also discussed.

India-Japan relations are getting stronger

The whole world has become restless in the eyes of the land mafia China. At present, therefore, excluding China, Japan is ready to forge a friendship with India. Disappointed by the illegal entry of Chinese warships into the East China Sea, Japan's defense minister has advised India to expand its business.

“As defense minister, I want to say that China is a threat to Japan,” he said. The Chinese government also has the power and they are the beneficiaries. So I want India to stand by Japan in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. Hearing this warning, the situation in China has started to deteriorate.

Discussions have also taken place among the heads of state

Earlier, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had a half-hour telephone conversation with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The heads of the two countries discussed various projects. Various discussions were also held for the convenience of the citizens of the two countries.