Chanakya principle: Always be satisfied with these three things, otherwise you may run into big problems

Acharya Chanakya was a highly learned, political and diplomatic figure in ancient India. He had a deep knowledge of life as well. If you follow his advice, no problem in life will touch you. Acharya Chanakya in his text says to always be satisfied with these three things. He says that if a person is not satisfied with these three things, then big problems in his life are created. And the vortex of that complexity slowly consumes the happiness of his life

Wife's form: Acharya Chanakya says to be satisfied with Ardhangini's form all the time. No matter how beautiful or ugly she is, she needs to be satisfied with her wife at all times. Chanakya forbade being attracted to another woman under any circumstances. He is also strictly avoiding foreigners. If you are fascinated by the form of another woman, you can get involved in big problems in life.

Food: Be satisfied with the food you get in life. Show respect for food. Thank God for the food.

Money: Acharya Chanakya says to be satisfied with the amount of money you have. Never spend more than you earn. Spend only if you judge your financial situation.

Besides, Chanakya forbade to be satisfied with education, charity and chanting The more you do these things in life, the richer your life will become. You will be happy

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