Catching and kissing the future husband, ‘Honeymoon’ Emon-Nilanjan before the wedding! Picture viral

Popular singer Eman Chakraborty has recently got engaged. On October 19, the singer ended her engagement with music director Nilanjan Ghosh. Then, when the city was intoxicated with the joy of Durga Puja, Emon walked around the hill with her future husband.

Emon shared some pictures with Nilanjan on his social media handle. Sometimes he is drawing a kiss mark on the cheek of the future groom. Sharing those pictures on your Instagram handle is viral.

News of Emon's upcoming marriage had been floating in the sky of Tolipara for some time. Even before Pujo, as a contestant on the popular reality show Didi No. 1, Emon himself hinted at marriage and people of mind. Eventually, he got rid of all the speculations and ended the engagement.

However, Emon is not getting married now. It is learned that he will get married at the beginning of next year after the corona episode. He will get married to Nilanjan soon after marriage. But before that, there is a little bit of wandering, spending time.

Emon's son Nilanjan Ghosh is a music director by profession. The two have a long acquaintance. But the love started in December last year. Emon and Nilanjan have been in love for almost a year. Emon's statement about the future groom, Nilanjan rules, cares and loves just like his father.

Incidentally, at the moment, Emon Chakraborty is sitting in the seat of music guru in the new season of Zee Bangla Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. Besides, a few days ago, he was seen singing in the tabla folk version of the king's Genda Full music video.

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