Casual look from dhoti Punjabi in Lakshmi Pujo at home, can you recognize ‘Sri Ramakrishna’ of Bengali serial?

Bangla Hunt Desk: The most popular in the list of Bengali television serials (bengali serial) is the compassionate Rani Rasmoni (rani rasmoni). This popular serial is at the top of the list of most TRPs. No more or why. The series has beautifully portrayed the historical story as well as the performance of each and every artist.

Especially the performances of Rani Rasmoni i.e. Ditipriya Roy and Ramakrishna i.e. Saurav Saha have attracted the attention of the audience. Sourav is much newer in the industry than Ditipriya. But in the meantime, his acting talent has touched the hearts of the audience. Everyone is full of praise for Ramakrishna in Rani Rasmoni serial.

Many are acknowledging that the popularity of the serial has increased due to Saurabh's acting style. In the meantime, several fan pages have been opened in the name of Sourav on social media. According to the fans, such a lively performance has been seen in Bengali serials after a long time. Saurabh has portrayed the character of Sri Ramakrishna in an impeccable way.

But even outside the screen, Saurabh has his own world. And all over that world he has a wife and a young son. In between the performances, he also took out the time of the family. Saurabh did not let that opportunity be wasted as the shooting was stopped during Pujo holidays. He went to Santiniketan with his family. The actor shared a bunch of pictures on social media.

Not only that, in Lakshmipujo, after dhoti Punjabi, Saurabh was captured on camera with his wife. Sharing pictures on social media has gone viral. Besides, Sourav Saha used to share pictures of various scenes from Rani Rasmoni's shooting set on social media handles.