“Budd is speaking more on behalf of others,” the Bengal government scolded Sourav Ganguly

Bangla Hunt Desk: BCCI President Sourav Ganguly goes beyond his responsibilities and talks too much about others. And so this time the former captain of the Indian team Bangsarkar directly targeted Sourav Ganguly. Sourav Ganguly spoke about the schedule of the IPL during the IPL, then he is now talking about the selectors of the national team. And the Bengal government does not like these at all.

Board President Sourav Ganguly sometimes talked about IPL, sometimes about Rohit Sharma's fitness and even about KL Rahul's game in red ball cricket. And the Bengal government does not like to talk about Sourav Ganguly so much. Sourav Ganguly is speaking on behalf of others more than the clear words of the Bengal government.

“The decision on the venue and timing of the IPL has been announced by Sourav Ganguly instead of the IPL chairman,” he said. Besides, Sourav Ganguly is deciding many more issues in Indian cricket. Board President Sourav Ganguly has decided to remove the person who is in charge of the post. Even other personalities are announcing that decision. So does Sourav Ganguly disqualify those who have been given the responsibility of the post? Or is he putting himself further ahead of them. ”