Bollywood's outspoken 'Queen', Kangana's top seven catchy comments

BanglaHunt Desk: In the world of acting Kangana Ranawat (kangana ranawat) is the ‘Queen’. In Bollywood, it can be said that he has created a separate brand. There is nothing new to say about his acting talent. Kangana has shown her acting skills in one film after another like Queen, Manikarnika, Tanu Weds Manu, Judgmental Hai Keya. Needless to say, every film was a box office success.
However, apart from being an extraordinary actress, Kangna has another identity. He bit his lip. He likes to make his statement clear about everything. Of course, the number of his critics is not small. On the other hand, Kangana is not a bride to leave. He always knows how to give the right answer.

Kangana should answer about Hrithik Roshan
Everyone knows the conflict between Kangana and Hrithik. In an interview, Kangana said, “He ran away whenever he saw me. After our separation, he always teased me and followed me. I told her father that her son was bothering me and hacked my account. Her father said he would arrange a meeting for us. Since then, I have been waiting to say why he is pretending not to know me in front of the world. ”

Cannon Kangner to Karan
“If I ever have a biopic, there will be a character in Karan who can't stand aliens in a Bollywood heavyweight who can't stand foreigners, the flag bearer of nepotism, the movie mafia,” she said. Your character is quite big in my biopic. I would not have been able to reach this place without those refusals and jokes. You made fun of my English here but I did not harbor any animosity. ”

Kangana about former study Sumon
In response to the allegation that Kangana had slapped Adhyayan, the actress said, “She weighed 95 kg and I weighed 49 kg. How can I kill him? But now I think I should have died. ”

Kangana's strong attack of the Khans
Regarding acting with Khans, the actress said, “Why should I act with Khans? When I started my career, I wanted to be a big actress by working with big stars. No one called me then. Now that I am my own hero, why should I accept the offer. ”

Kangana called Alia Bhatt Karan's 'puppet'
In an interview, the actress said about Alia, “I would advise her to support feminism and patriotism with a strong backbone. But if he doesn't have his own voice and is a puppet in Karan's hand, then I can't call him successful. ”

Kangana will join politics?
“I am not joining politics,” he said in an interview. There are some actors in the industry like Ranbir Kapoor who say, ‘I have a constant supply of electricity and water in my house. Then why should I comment on politics. I don't think you can say that when you are in luxury as a countryman. “

Kangana's comment on Sushant Singh's death
In Kangana's words, “Sushant's death has stunned us all. But some people are spreading the word that those who are weak in mind commit suicide. Sushant was ranked in the middle of all India in the engineering entrance exam. Can he be mentally weak? ”

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