BJP MPs demand to stop the protection of Scheduled Tribes people who change their religion

Bangla Hunt Desk: Bharatiya Janata Party MP Nishikant Dubey on Tuesday demanded the government to implement the Population Control Act and the Uniform Civil Code in the Lok Sabha. He also demanded that the people of Scheduled Tribes be kept out of the fold if they change their religion.

Nishikanta Dubey said people of Scheduled Tribes are being converted in many areas. Therefore, I demand that a law be brought so that the converted people can no longer enjoy the benefits of protection. “After the repeal of section 370 from Kashmir, we should implement the Population Control Act and the Uniform Civil Code,” he said.

Demanding the enactment of a law on population control in Parliament, Dubey said, “Based on what we saw in the country during the Corona, complete population control should be implemented in the country now.” If this does not happen, the entire demographics will change and the country's democracy will be in jeopardy. Many Bangladeshis will become citizens of the country. ”

Demanding to stop reservation like SC after conversion of STs, the MP said, if conversion is done to STs like SC, then reservation should be stopped. He said that a trend of minority appeasement policy is going on, and because of this, on the one hand, the demographics of the country are changing, on the other hand, the politics of the vote bank is activating.

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