Big news: When will you get the corona vaccine, said the Union Health Minister

Bangla Hunt Desk: Corona virus (Coronavirus) Vaccine (VaccineUnion Health Minister Harsh VardhanHarsh Vardhan). He said Indians would get the corona vaccine early next year. Although he did not say any date. Harshvardhan also said that the government was discussing emergency measures to vaccinate senior citizens and people working in high-risk areas. He said the decision would be taken by consensus. National experts are developing a comprehensive strategy for the coronavirus vaccine. And as many people as possible will be vaccinated against coronavirus, he said.

On Sunday, the Union Health Minister said that all precautions were being taken in the coroner's vaccine trial. He said issues like vaccine protection, cost, equity, cold-chain requirements, production time limits are being studied in depth.

The Union Health Minister assured that the vaccine would be given to those who need it the most. He also said that if the required person cannot pay for the vaccine, they will be vaccinated. He also said that he would take the first dose of the vaccine in his body. “I'm going to take the vaccine first so that everyone can believe the vaccine,” he said.

The Health Minister also gave information about the trials of vaccines and their production across the country. He also said that a safe and effective vaccine would help establish a defense for Covid-19 at a much faster rate than a natural infection.


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