Big News: TikTok sold to Microsoft

Bengali Hunt Desk: Data security lawsuit The controversial Chinese short video app Tiktok has agreed to be owned by the United States. The decision was taken after a long discussion over the past month.

Earlier, TickTock said they could sell some of the shares to avoid being banned in the United States. But US President Donald Trump did not agree to this and today he would have banned Tiktuk in America. But with the passage of time, the tick is not partial, it is ready to be fully owned by America. The deal between Microsoft and Tiktok is reported to be worth five billion US dollars.

According to news agency Reuters, Microsoft will now be responsible for the user data in the United States. TickTock user data will be stored on Microsoft's servers. To put it bluntly, byte dance has thrown the Chinese badge off itself. However, no official statement from Microsoft and TickTock has yet been released on the deal with Microsoft.

The United States is the second largest market for ticks after India. The number of monthly active users of TickTock in America is 80 million. And for this reason, the company's decision saved them from huge losses. At the same time, there was hope that Tiktak would return to India.



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