Big news: The ruins of an ancient temple were found under Kashi Bishwanath during excavations

Banglahunt Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi's dream project Kashi Bishwanath Dham is being modernized. Additional workers have already been announced. During this work, excavations on the west side of the temple revealed the ruins of an ancient temple. The concerned agency has been informed.

Workers were digging on the west side of the Kashi Bishwanath temple on Thursday afternoon. This temple was found at that time. Quickly the work was stopped and the concerned quarters were informed. The incident naturally spread tension in the temple premises. It is learned that the antiquity and other information of this temple will be examined.

Incidentally, Kashi Bishwanath Dham is Prime Minister Narendra Modi's dream project. This place of pilgrimage will be decorated by pouring Devotees will enter the court of Baba Bishwanath directly after bathing in the Ganges. Religious book stalls are being set up for pilgrims in addition to recreation centers, passenger convenience centers, handicraft and souvenir shops, multipurpose halls, galleries, city museums, Vedic centers and food stalls. A gallery will also be built. Where Kashi's tradition and spirituality will be exhibited. All in all, the cough will be reshaped.

Kashi Bishwanath temple is mentioned in Kashi section of Skanda Purana. Hari Chandra rebuilt the temple in the eleventh century. In 1194, Mohammad Ghori destroyed this temple along with other temples in Varanasi. After that the temple was rebuilt again.

Qutbuddin then destroyed the Aibak temple. After Aibak's death, the temple was rebuilt. In 1351, Feroze Shah Tughlaq destroyed the temple again. In 1575, Todarmal, Akbar's revenue minister, rebuilt the temple.

Then in 179 Aurangzeb again destroyed the temple and built the Gyanbapi Mosque. This mosque is still located next to the temple. Some ruins of the old temple can still be seen behind the mosque.

The present temple was built by Maharani Ahilya Bai Holkar of Indore in 180. In 1835, the Sikh emperor of Punjab, Ranjit Singh, covered the top of the temple with 1000 kilograms of gold.

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