Big news: Local train is about to be launched, Indian Railways sent a letter to Bengal

Everything is open on unlockdown, but Indian Railways has not started local train. In the last few days, there has been a skirmish between the people and the railway police from Sonarpur to Pandua. People say, when everything is open, where is the obstacle to open the train?

It is learned that this time Indian Railways is going to seal the deal with that intention. A letter has already been sent to the state by the railways to run local trains. They said in the letter that there is no difficulty in launching local trains. It can be started as soon as the green signal of the state is matched. Rail also wants to discuss congestion control of local trains with the state government.

Local train city Kolkata and suburban lifeline. Every day millions of commuters come to their workplaces through Kolkata's Sealdah and the twin city Howrah station. The Modi government has so far not given any specific information about the resumption of this lifeline, even though the unlock phase was launched in the Corona situation. Earlier, the state government had also requested the railways to run local trains.

When the train starts, you have to obey the rules of social distance rules. In order to ensure that the passengers abide by the rules in a proper manner, the place of standing of the passengers is already being fixed at the station. This work is in full swing at different stations of Sealdah-Bangaon, Sealdah-Hasnabad branch. The platforms are given white or yellow round spots at certain distance intervals.

With the introduction of local trains, there are other questions besides hope. Everybody who is a regular visitor of the Sealdah-Bangaon branch in particular knows how impossible it is to be crowded in this branch every day. The situation of other branches is more or less the same. All in all, there are questions about how much social distance will be possible if the train runs.

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