Big news: Joe Biden will support India for permanent membership in UNSC as soon as he becomes President

Bangla Hunt Desk: President Joe Biden is going to take the seat of the new President of the United States. As in the past, he spoke about the future of India-Superpower relations and said that he would do his utmost to deepen and strengthen the friendly relations between the two countries.

India-US relations will deepen

In a 2007 statement, Joe Biden said, “By 2020, India and the United States will be closer. The relationship between the two countries will deepen. Biden later played a key role in the Indo-US nuclear deal. It is also learned that he will support India's demand at the UNSC.

Support for India's permanent membership in the UNSC

Biden said in his election policy that he would help India gain permanent membership in the UNSC. In addition, it will support India in curbing terrorism and other Indian decisions. India is also expected to discuss a number of important issues, including terrorism, climate change, health and trade.

Biden on the way to fulfilling dreams

According to sources, Biden played a key role in strengthening relations with India on various issues during his tenure as Vice President under former US President Barack Obama. Although not as successful as Biden said in 2020, he will step down as President of the United States on January 20, 2021. He also promised to hold talks with India on various issues related to climate change and bilateral trade.

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