Big eyes are listening to the words of the father in amazement, the sweet video of the tumultuous viral Raj-Yuvan

BanglaHunt Desk: Age is barely 5 days. In the meantime, he has become a star. It is about Raj Chakraborty and Shubhshree Ganguly's son Yuvaan Chakraborty. This little celebrity has become from the moment of birth. Even his fan club has started now.

Raj and Shubhshree shared a video of Yuvan on social media. And as soon as it is shared, it goes viral. Recently, Raj shared a sweet video of his son on his Instagram handle. Everyone smiled after watching that video.

As can be seen in the video, Raj is holding various youngsters in his arms and talking about various things. Sometimes he teaches her to say ‘hello’ and sometimes he caresses her and calls her ‘my baby’. In fact, Raj is talking fluently to attract the attention of the boy.

Shubhshree's voice is also heard beside him. On the other hand, Yuvan is looking at his father's face with big surprised eyes. He looks at everything in the new world with amazement. This video is now viral on Netdunia.

Within hours of becoming a mother, Shubhshree shared a picture of her son Yuvan on social media. Sadhyojatar introduced the fans. Since then, the mercury of excitement has started to rise. Shubhshree's fans have filled Yuvan with love. Some people have also made crooked comments as to why Shubhshree posted a picture of such a small child on social media. He did not pay attention to it.

Shubhshree shared a picture with the boy in his lap. The picture shows him sitting in a hospital bed. Shubhshree has painted a fond memory on the forehead of Yuvan sleeping on his lap. This picture has gone viral at breakneck speed.

The actress has also shared two boomerang videos on Instagram Story. One shows him holding a cup of tea in his hand. In the other, Raj was seen kissing Shubhshree in the hospital bed.

Earlier another sweet picture of Yuvan went viral. It was seen that he was holding his mother's finger in his small hand. He also looked at the camera while taking pictures. This photo is shared on behalf of Shubhshree's fanpage.
Besides, Raj himself shared the picture with the boy in his lap. Every picture of Yuvan on social media is now going viral. This little one has become a star forest.


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