Big decision of Indian Railways: Local trains are being introduced for the common man

The big announcement is Indian Railways. This is the first local train to be launched for the general public after the lockdown. However, in this case, the number of passengers has been tied to 7 Although there is speculation of a fixed time for ordinary passengers, nothing is known about it yet.

The Maharashtra government had applied to Indian Railways to introduce local trains. In this regard, Central Railway and Western Railway have stated that they are ready to launch the train in compliance with some restrictions. The railways have been informed. Before the lockdown, where 35 lakh passengers used to travel on local trains, this time the number is being reduced to 9.6 lakh.

“We have no problem with increasing the current train number from 604 to a maximum of 137, but the state government needs to ensure social distance and technical solutions,” Rail said. The state government also needs the help of the police to support the existing strength of the RPF, GRP in crowd control. ‘

However, it is not yet clear when the local train will be launched in Bengal. Although several talks were held between the state government and the railways, no talks were held in the end. Although there have already been several protests by commuters about running local trains. However, it does not look like the local train will be launched now. However, as a precautionary measure, the railways have already set up roundabouts at various stations to maintain social distance.