Biden warns China He said he would re-engage the United States in the WHO and set their limits

Bangla Hunt Desk: Joe Biden, who has won a landslide victory in the United States, has announced that he will rejoin the United States after being sworn in as president in January. He said America is ready to be on the side of Who to fight against Corona.

Joe Biden won the US presidential election

“We will make sure that China does not go beyond their control,” Biden said. From now on, they will not be allowed to do whatever they want. If necessary, we will take strict action against them. We don't want to punish China, we want them to understand that they have to follow all the rules like any other country. The consequences will be very bad if the legs.

Earlier, Biden announced his intention to rejoin the Paris Agreement. He said during a meeting with the governor in Delaware that the WHO should be on its side to fight the epidemic for the time being. He said the organization needs to be reformed and we can do it from within.

Biden also made strong statements against China during the election campaign. He said there was talk of adding more tax-tariff increases to the corona virus. Earlier this year, President Donald Trump was injured and separated the United States from the WHO and cut off all funding. Trump has accused the WHO of bias against China.