Before Independence Day, Mamata Banerjee's ministers released songs and paid tribute to the martyrs

Banglahant Desk: The video of the song sung by Rajib Banerjee, the Minister of Bengal, on the occasion of Independence Day is slowly becoming viral. In honor of the martyrs, this song of his has spread on social media. This song has touched the hearts of all to pay homage to the freedom fighters and heroic children.

Earlier, his songs for the dead soldiers at the Galwan base were widely circulated. This time, the song sung by the minister of Mamata government on the occasion of the Independence Day of 2020 has also touched the hearts of the listeners in a great way.

Rajiv Banerjee wrote in a post on his Facebook page for the purpose of singing his own song, ‘My tribute to the heroic warriors of the country for whom we are safe’.

Rajiv Banerjee said, ‘I sang this song for the purpose of Independence Day. Hi batan, hi batan, the mind knows. This song is for the purpose of those heroic martyrs who have sacrificed for the freedom of the country. Earlier, I sang a song for the dead soldiers at the Galwan base.


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