Be careful! Strict punishment for wastage of water by the Center, a fine of Tk 1 lakh and 5 years imprisonment

At the moment there is a drinking water crisis all over the world. Groundwater wastage is one of the causes of this crisis. This time, the Center has introduced strict punishment to prevent wastage of ground water. There was no such punishment in India before. From now on, if any organization or individual wastes ground water, it will be considered as a punishable offense.

According to a new directive from the Central Groundwater Authority, misuse of drinking water can result in a fine of up to Rs 100,000 and imprisonment for up to five years.

The CGWA, in its two-point order, enacted this rule on October 7, 2020, using the powers of section five of the Environment (Protection) Act, 198, to prevent the misuse of waste and the use of unnecessary water.

Operates water supply networks in the states and union territories and has directed all including water boards, water corporations, water works departments, municipal corporations, municipalities, development authorities, panchayats to formulate a mechanism in this regard and take disciplinary action against those who violate this order. Has been said.

Rajendra Tyagi and an NGO applied on July 24, 2019 to ban water wastage. In response to this request, for the first time, the National Green Tribunal, under the Central Groundwater Authority (CGWA) under the Union Ministry of Hydropower, has issued this order in compliance with the NGT Order dated October 15, 2020.