“Be careful,” said netizens as they posted pictures of Salmon riding a bicycle. “How many more will you crush?”

BanglaHunt Desk: Salman Khan is coming on a bicycle. Everyone be careful, otherwise you may get crushed. All such comments, the actor's comment box is full of trolls. The troll has started without sharing a new photo. Vizion is constantly being ridiculed by netizens for provoking memories of the 'hit and run' case.

Salman recently shared a picture on his Insta handle. He posed on a bicycle, wearing a mask and a hat. The caption reads with the hashtag, ‘Stay Safe’. In other words, the purpose of the actor was to give a message to everyone to be careful after wearing a mask in Corona situation.

But the result is the opposite. The netizens started attacking one after another just to post the picture. One writes, “First the car, then the tractor, now the bicycle, and how many more will you crush?”

Another wrote, ‘Salmon is coming on a bicycle. Everyone be careful. Otherwise, it will continue on the skin. 'Many have also taunted Salman about drug addiction. “It feels great to ride a bike with drugs, doesn't it?”

Incidentally, in 2002, Salman was involved in the 'Hit and Run' case. It is learned that in the middle of the night, while driving under the influence of alcohol, he overtook some people on the sidewalk. One person was killed and four others were injured in the incident. That case was going on for a long time. Later, Salman's driver came and claimed that he was driving that night. Sallu Mia was acquitted in 2015.


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