BCCI's headache with 'Chinese sponsors' and 'spot-fixing' in IPL

The IPL is scheduled to start on March 29 this year, but the BCCI has postponed it indefinitely due to the corona virus. However, as the situation in India has not improved so far, the IPL is set to take place in the UAE this year instead of in India. Today, the IPL Governing Council is going to sit in the last meeting of the IPL. The meeting will focus on various aspects of the IPL.

Sponsorship is going to be one of the main topics discussed in today's meeting. Because at the moment the relationship between the Indian government and the Chinese government is not very good. The relationship between the governments of the two countries has gradually deteriorated. On the other hand, the title sponsor of the IPL is the Chinese mobile manufacturer Vivo. In such a situation, what is the BCCI going to decide about the sponsor? The whole country is looking at that.

On the other hand, since the spot-fixing scandal in the IPL in 2013, one of the main themes of the IPL has been 'anti-corruption'. Or will the cricket board of that country be given the responsibility to keep an eye on this matter? This will be discussed in detail in today's meeting. Because the BCCI does not want to have any shortcomings towards corruption.



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