BCCI is taking advantage of a special franchise, explosive allegations arose

Bangla Hunt Desk: At the moment, the situation across the country is very worrying. And so this time the IPL is being held in the United Arab Emirates instead of India. Due to the corona virus, the BCCI has chosen the United Emirates as the safest venue for the IPL. Since the IPL is being held amidst Corona's concerns, the franchises have to follow a number of rules.

The BCCI has issued several rules, including quarantine, starting from the biological safety zone. The BCCI has informed every franchise team about the rules before the start of the IPL and said that each team has to abide by the rules. This time the BCCI was accused of breaking that rule.

A number of franchisees have complained against the BCCI that the board itself is not abiding by the rules of coronation and is giving additional benefits to several franchise teams.

A franchise official has complained that the BCCI itself is not abiding by the rules that the BCCI has issued for foreign cricketers. Other franchises are spending a lot of money to keep their cricketers in quarantine, while the cricketers of Chennai Super Kings, another IPL franchise, are getting the opportunity to play live matches without being in quarantine full time. As a rule, every cricketer from Australia and England has to be in quarantine for 36 hours. Hazelhood and Quran would never have been able to wear jerseys for the first match if they had been in quarantine for 36 hours. However, the BCCI is completely silent on this matter.

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