Balwinder Singh, a medal winner of bravery known as the militant era, was shot dead! The Punjab government is in question

Bangla Hunt Desk: On the one hand, the country is terrified of terrorism. On the other hand, Balwinder Singh, who was fighting valiantly against the militants, was shot dead by unidentified miscreants in front of his house. Balwinder Singh was the winner of the gallantry medal. There were many telefilms about his life. Her family feared it was a militant attack.

Balwinder Singh was at home around 7 am on Friday. At that time, two miscreants on a bike came and stood outside his house. A young man was standing outside, and Balwinder Singh called a young man to his home office. As soon as he entered the office, the young man pulled out a pistol and fired four shots at him. Balwinder Singh died on the spot.

The whole incident was captured on a CCTV camera installed inside the house. He wanted Ranjit Singh to be skeptical, saying it could be a militant attack. It is rumored that Balwinder Singh also ran a public school next to his house. About a year ago, he was attacked by unknown miscreants.

Village head Rajendra Singh said he had been attacked many times before. He was also given protection by the Punjab police, but that too was lifted. He sent a letter to the IG and officers of the Punjab Police in a private meeting asking for protection. But even then he was not protected. A few days ago, a policeman was deployed to protect him for two days. But later Seti was also removed. The village head Balwinder Singh has blamed the police and the government for his death.

According to the information received, when terrorism reached its peak in Punjab. Then Balwinder Singh dealt with them like a hero. He was attacked about 20 times. He killed many militants who attacked with hand grenades and rockets. His name will always be at the top for defeating 200 militants. In 1993, Balwinder Singh honored his brother and wife with the President's Bravery Chakra.

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