Bajimat married the teacher in the temple, the seal of Star Jalsa in the first place in terms of TRT

BanglaHunt Desk: The clash between Bengali television serials is eternal. There is a conflict over who will be ahead of whom in terms of TRP. Viewers are also eager to know which channel is ahead of others in terms of TRP. This week, as every week, the names of the best series have been revealed in the TRP rating.

Surprisingly, the list of the best serials this time is very different from the previous ones. Undoubtedly, the list is at the top of the list of Zee Bangla's series Karunamayi Rani Rasmoni. But this time the place has gone to Star Jalsa's popular serial Mohar. The seal of Star Jalsa is in the first place in the top ten TRP series out of more than 15 series.

Rani Rasmoni has dropped to second place. On the other hand, the one-time hit serial Krishnakali did not even get a place in the first five. In fact, some of the netizens think that the serial screenwriters are responsible for this. Because the family drama of two wives and one groom has started again in Krishnakali.

On the other hand, Rani Rasmoni has won the hearts of people from the very beginning with her screenplay. However, since the serial is based on history, the director has to think hard enough to bring any twist in the story. Mohar serial does not have that obligation. As a result, TRPO is increasing by leaps and bounds.

The Mohar serial now shows that the main protagonist Mohar and Shankha went to the temple and got married. All in all, romance and excitement are all tasting in this serial. So the TRPO is increasing immediately.

Incidentally, TV serials are the best companion of the evening in almost every home. It is the story of almost every household to watch their favorite serials on different channels from evening to night after finishing their household chores or in between work. In fact, TRP is at its peak because the stories of real life, the stories of daily happiness and sorrow of the world are presented in the form of stories in serials.

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