Bajimat Madhumita in a sleeveless blouse-transparent chiffon sari, the warmth is rising in a viral image

Banglahunt Desk: Emon or bird is a very popular name in small screen. Many know him. Both these characters became quite popular in the series. Courtesy, Madhumita Sarkar. He has been acting in the world of Bengali television for a long time. So far, Madhumita has become a well-known face. For some time now, he has crossed the boundaries of the television world and set foot on the big screen. Besides, he is trying to get rid of that familiar image of himself.

However, besides acting, Madhumita also likes to do photoshoots. The actress always loves to take pictures in different poses, whether she is going for a walk or just for an event. Divya can be understood only by peeking at his insta handle.

A few days ago, Madhumita did a few photoshoots. The black dress made her look enchanting. He also showed a glimpse of his first tattoo to the fans. Madhumita was captured on camera by star photographer Tathagata Ghosh. Photos from the photoshoot went viral on Netdunia.

Once again, Madhumita appeared with a new picture for the fans. This time too he was captured in an extremely enchanting form. The actress is wearing a sleeveless blouse and a transparent black chiffon sari.

Madhumita has been captured on camera with a bright smile and sometimes in an appealing avatar. The number of like shares in the film is increasing by the second.

Madhumita has recently made her big screen debut. He is currently working on a web series. He will also be seen in director Kamleshwar Mukherjee's mahalaya. The director has chosen Madhumita Sarkar, a popular small screen face, in the role of Sita. This mahalaya can be seen on a popular Bengali channel.

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