As soon as she started cooking, she turned the pan around and started dancing in Gangnam style.

viral video: There are very few people who have not heard gangnam style songs. The song became so popular that even today many people dance on their own when they hear it. Netagarika still laughs and loots after watching his video along with the melody of the song. This time a young woman is dancing in a gangnam style.

The viral video shows a young woman in black pants and a loose white dress. The young woman is cooking noodles in a part of the market. The cooking is going on in a huge pan on a very high flame. He suddenly started dancing while cooking. After a while, he danced and stuck the handle in the pan. Then the pot with the sleeve turns on the head and the dance continues.

After dancing in such a strange manner for a while, the young woman brought the pan back to the oven. Then he started moving the noodles again. Then he started dancing with it at his own whim. He did not stop, even though he untied his hair band and fell to the ground while dancing. Reckless dancing continues with open hair.

People gathered around to see the young woman's fame. But he has no eyebrows. He used to dance to Gangnam style songs with the joy of his mind.

The video has gone viral since it was posted on social media. It has already been viewed more than 91 lakh times. Netizens have been working hard on the video of her open dance

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