‘Are your breasts real?’ Charlene is the owner of a sexual harassment talent agency! Explosive allegations

BanglaHunt Desk: This time Charlene Chopra has brought a complaint of sexual harassment. Charlene filed a sexual harassment complaint against Anirban Blah, co-founder of KWAN Talent Agency. Charlene detonated the bomb on social media on Tuesday.

The actress said that she went to Anirban to ask for help to build her career as a talent agency of Bollywood's leading stars. She asks him, can he get good pictures like this?

In Charlene’s words, “He looked at me from top to bottom. I asked, am I not ready? He said, no no. Then he asked, is your breast real? Can I touch it? ” Charlene said, then she asked him if he was married? If you touch your wife when you are married, you will know whether it is real or fake. The actress claims that Anirban still asks her if her breasts are real or fake.

“I was shocked,” Charlene said. How can anyone be so disgusting? You can't talk to a woman like that. You may feel good when a woman touches your genitals but a woman does not like it. Especially when he’s going to a talent manager. What does breast size have to do with talent? ”

Charlene added, “After this incident happened to me, I realized that many in the industry wear masks of decency. But behind the mask, they are very rude. ” Notably, in 2016, Anirban Das Blah was removed from the KWAN Talent Agency for #MeToo. Four women brought sexual harassment charges against him. Actress Mira Umar said that she met Anirban when she came to Mumbai in 2016 to become an actress. At the second meeting he asked her to be close.

Umar claimed that Anirban had called him to his Juhu apartment. After talking for a while, he started asking personal questions. Mira wants to leave because she is uncomfortable. But Anirban tried to kiss him forcibly. Fortunately, Meera escaped from there as his cab came.

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