Another strike against China was imposed by the Modi government, banning the import of AC

Bangla Hunt Desk: The Modi government took a big decision to ban the import of air conditioners, including refrigerants. The government has issued a notification to implement this order immediately. Air conditioning with split and window, both types of refrigerants, will no longer come to India from China.

Until now, there was a discount on the import of air conditioners, including refrigerants. But under the Ministry of Commerce, DiCrott has imposed a complete ban on the import of air conditioners, including the General for Trade Refrigerants.

This decision of the Modi government at the Center will benefit the air conditioning companies, including the refrigerators made in the domestic technology. According to the Self-Reliance India campaign, assistance will be provided to make air conditioning products self-sufficient. According to the information received, the decision to impose a ban on air conditioning, including refrigerants, was long overdue by the government. This is because it emits chlorofluorocarbons, which are very dangerous for the environment.

India has imported room air conditioners worth Rs 4,200 crore to Rs 4,500 crore in the last three years. Exactly the same amount of material has been imported for the production of AC. AC imports were ৮ 158.6 million in April-July this year. China and Thailand accounted for 97 percent of that import. Needless to say, India's decision is a major setback for China.

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