Ancestors come to the father in a dream and go with this signal, find out the meaning of the dream

The pitri paksha is a very important party in Hinduism. According to the scriptures, in order to remember one's ancestors in these days, one has to pay homage to them and accept sacrifices. At the moment, the patriarchy is going on, which will end on September 18 in Mahalaya On that day the ghats of the Ganges will be filled with patriarchy. However, this scene may change this time around.

Pitri pakhsha

Many fathers dream of their ancestors. Sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a dissatisfied face, they come to the dream of the northern man. The scriptures say that each of these dreams has a mysterious meaning.

Pitri pakhsha

If in a dream your ancestor comes to you with a smile or talks to you with a smile, he is very happy about you. According to oceanography, such a dream is very auspicious. This indicates that you have the blessings of the fathers above you.

Pitri pakhsha

If an ancestor brings sweets to a person in a dream and he is seen eating sweets, it is a sign of happiness in your life very soon. With the blessing of the fathers, you will soon overcome all obstacles and see the face of happiness.

Pitri pakhsha

On the other hand, if an ancestor is seen to be dissatisfied or angry in your dreams. But that means your ancestors are dissatisfied with you. This is a sign of patriarchy. In order to get rid of patriarchy, one has to sacrifice one's ancestors on behalf of one's father.


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