Anagona ghost in the historical place, the thrilling scene captured on camera! The whole world is buzzing with viral videos

Bangla Hunt Desk: If you don't believe in ghosts, watching this viral video may change your mind. Because the whole world is shocked to see what has been captured on camera by some tourists in Pennsylvania, USA. Note that a video of Gettysburg is going viral on social media, where two ghosts are clearly seen. This video will force everyone to believe in the existence of ghosts once it goes viral. According to the information received, last week a family was driving their car from the side of the Civil War site. Then two shadows can be seen in the darkness.

This family of tourists succeeds in capturing that shadow of ghost on their own camera. They then released this horrific video on the internet, and it quickly went viral on social media. Incidentally, Greg Euling and his family were roaming around the historic battlefield. More than 50,000 soldiers were killed during the civil war in that area. In this viral video, ghosts are seen revolving around cannons.

The Yuling family told The Sun about the horrific incident, “We were driving through the area at night.” Then suddenly we hear something screaming. I heard some sounds from the musician, and my uncle heard sounds from the right. There was a strange fog all around, then we saw these shapes moving in the dark.

Yuling added that the shapes were in human form. One can walk through the front of a cannon between two shadows. And there was another cannon. According to reports, the Yuling family was shocked to see this scene. And trying to come back from there. Upon his return, the Yuling family uploaded the video to social media, and it quickly went viral.

The ghosts are clearly understood in the video. The horrible video was shared by the Yuling family on the Internet, and the video has gone viral ever since. The video clearly shows two shadows hovering around the cannon. Please be informed that this video has been uploaded on social media without any editing. The history of the place where this video was shot is haunting. And those who like history, they go there occasionally.

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