“Amit Shah is hacking EVM sitting in front of computer” – a big joke on social media about Bihar election

BanglaHunt Desk: The NDA has won the Bihar elections by defeating the Grand Alliance. But on the one hand, while the votes were being counted, on the other hand, there was a storm of memes on social media. One team fights to make the other team look down. Also shared is a picture of Amit Shah working on a computer about EVM hacking. Which went widely viral on social media.

There will be elections and there will be no talk about EVM hacking, it is possible. The issue of EVM hacking is closely related to the election. The issue of EVM hacking will be discussed during the counting of votes after the election, whether the EVM has been hacked or not. In this case too he did not do otherwise.

A Twitter user shared a picture of Amit Shah working on a computer on social media during the counting of votes in the Bihar elections yesterday and wrote, “Amit Shah is doing EVM hacking in the Bihar elections”. The post went viral as soon as it was published.

Besides, yesterday, BJP supporters shared a picture of Munna Bhai from the web series Mirzapur and wrote, 'Start distributing sweets, the festive atmosphere is now'. Which went viral on a massive scale on social media.

Nitish Kumar's weeping picture was shared on social media as the grand alliance was ahead during the counting of votes. One Twitter user shared a tearful picture of Tejaswi Yadav on one side and Nitish Kumar on the other and shared it on social media. Which is heavily shared and viral on social media.