Amit Shah has taken the responsibility on his shoulders and brought it under control. This time he has become infected himself.

Bengali Hunt Desk: Corona Positive is Home Minister Amit Shah. He was admitted to the hospital on the advice of doctors. The whole country is wishing him a speedy recovery. Let me tell you, a month ago, corona infection was on the rise in Delhi. After Maharashtra, the deadly virus was spreading rapidly in Delhi. Then Amit Shah took charge of Delhi on his shoulders. At that time, the minister of the Delhi up government said that soon there would be an infection of 1 million corona in Delhi. Then Amit Shah said be patient, everything will be fine.

After taking charge in Delhi, Amit Shah held one important meeting after another. He also called an all-party meeting. He took one drastic step after another to liberate Delhi from Corona. Even visit the hospitals in Delhi yourself. Although Delhi is not free of corona now, the number of infections has come down. The people of Delhi are also thanking him for this. Although he could not stop the epidemic completely, he was able to pull the trigger. But now he infected himself.

Amit Shah himself tweeted this news. He writes, ‘After seeing the initial symptoms of corona, I took the test, my report came back positive. My body is fine, but on the advice of doctors I was admitted to the hospital. I urge everyone who has come in contact with me in the past few days to isolate themselves and get tested. ”

After the Home Minister was attacked, all the leaders and his well-wishers started praying for him. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh tweeted, ‘Amit ji, your determination and willpower in the face of every challenge is an example for all. You will definitely miss this big challenge of corona virus. That is my belief. You will get well soon, that is what I pray to God. ”



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