Amid tensions between India and China, two big countries warned Dragon

Bangla Hunt Desk: Tensions between the two countries remain high after nearly two and a half hours of talks between the Indian and Chinese foreign ministers in Moscow. The two countries' armies are facing 300 meters in Ladakh with weapons and ammunition. In the meantime, Japan and Taiwan issued stern warnings to China to cross their airspace.

Xi Jinping

Taiwan's Vice President Lai Ching-te said China should stop its fighter jets from crossing its airspace and violating our country's borders. Taiwan has said it is setting up air defense identification zones to protect its airspace. And for this reason, China should not show any more courage in the coming days. The vice president made it clear that Taiwan wants peace but can also fight to protect its own country and its people.

On the other hand, Japanese Defense Minister Taro called China the biggest threat to Japan's security. Some say China is trying to establish dominance in the East China Sea. Someone said, “When I was Japan's foreign minister, I refrained from calling China a threat to Japan. But now that I have become the country's defense minister, I can say with seriousness that China is the biggest threat to Japan. “

“We are fully prepared to defend every centimeter of our country,” said the Japanese defense minister. We will fight to the last breath for our Senkaku Island in the East China Sea. If we do not save Senkaku Island, China will deploy its troops there. And the South China Sea will be turned into a military zone. Some say Prime Minister Shinzo Abe understood the danger long ago. And that is how our policy will work.

He said China, which has emerged as a financial and military power, has risen to break every international law. Stopping China is not the only job of America and Japan. That is why we are trying to stop China by increasing its coordination with other countries. Kona said Japan, the United States, India and Australia have been trying to reach a consensus with China.

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