America after Russia! The vaccine may be available in October, indicating Trump

Banglahant Desk: After Russia, America can also announce the successful discovery of corona vaccine. Trump is expected to make the announcement next October, the US president has indicated. However, political pressure has started in that country. Many people think that Trump wants to win the hearts of the people by putting the vote in front of him.

US presidential candidate Joe Biden has accused the government of rushing to comment. He also demanded transparency of the government in the matter. At a news conference that day, Trump said it could have taken two to three years to create the vaccine, but instead the country's scientists have made it in a very short time.

On the other hand, Russia has also given big news. Russia's health ministry says the first batch of the corona vaccine has already been completed. Soon it will reach the common people of the country Russia hopes that within a few months, a large portion of the population in Moscow will be vaccinated with the first vaccine, the Sputnik 5 vaccine. At the same time, their claim was cleared in the final trial.

On August 11, Russia officially released the world's first corona vaccine. And his first comment was made by President Vladimir himself. At the same time, several vaccine trials have started, but the Russian Ministry of Health has been the first to give clearance to Russian-made vaccines. Russian President Vladimir Putin made the remarks to the world. It was then learned that the government of the country would start mass production of this vaccine in a few days.

Putin said the vaccine would help the human body develop long-term immunity against corona. One of her two daughters has received the vaccine and is healthy. According to the Russian government, the vaccine will be given primarily to health workers, teachers and people at risk of being infected. Mild fever may occur as a normal side effect after vaccination, but it can be cured with paracetamol.

Incidentally, India's corona vaccine is also in the final trial. It can be cleared in a few days. It is learned that like other vaccines, the people of India will also get it for free

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