Almost open breasts, neckline down to the navel, how much did Priyanka buy this controversial dress?

BanglaHunt Desk: Many controversies have arisen around him. Priyanka Chopra, Bollywood's Desi Girl. He has been criticized for various reasons, but he has lived his life to the fullest. Even though he is married abroad now, I think he is a pure Indian.

But he has often faced criticism for wearing Western clothes. Priyanka wore a neckline at the 72nd Grammy Awards. Piggy, on the one hand, was praised for it, and on the other, she was severely criticized.

The neckline has crossed the navel, almost exposed in front of the chest. Priyanka was caught in a very bold avatar. But after wearing such a dress, he came to a show like Grameen and the question arose about that. Many even taunted the actress about Indian culture.

However, many came forward in support of Priyanka. Among them are his mother Madhu Chopra, actress Hina Khan and many more. Priyanka later said that she was wearing the dress with due care. The front of the garment was covered with skin-colored net cloth.

But do you know the price of the clothes that have so much controversy, so much practice? Needless to say, Piggy did not get such clothes at such a low price. Everyone was shocked to hear the price of the dress. Priyanka had to spend a whopping Rs 72 lakh for this one outfit.

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