‘Allah bomb, if not the rogue Jesus, why Lakshmi bomb?’ Mukesh Khanna, a communal stunt with Akshay's picture!

BanglaHunt Desk: Mukesh Khanna knows very well how to stay in the limelight. After Bigg Boss and Dadhya Kapil Sharma got angry on the show, this time the actor's eye is on Akshay Kumar's lakshmi bomb. Before the release of the film, Mukesh Khanna has once again provoked an old controversy.

Since the release of the trailer of the film, there has been a controversy surrounding Lakshmi Bomb. At first it was alleged that the film was a joke about the Brihanlads. The film was then called for a boycott alleging profit jihad. There was also an objection to the title of the film. Mukesh Khanna also spoke out against the title of the film.

A few days ago, he wrote in a post on Instagram, ‘Should a picture be released with the title Lakshmi Bomb? The whole country is in dispute over this. Some people have called for a boycott of the film. I don't think the film should be boycotted. Because the trailer of the movie has just been released. No one has seen the picture yet. '

He then sat down to make more controversial remarks. The actor writes, ‘It seems very funny to put the word bomb after Lakshmi. The title seems to have been given for commercial purposes. Should it be allowed? Of course not. What could be the name of the picture of Allah bomb or rogue Jesus? Certainly not. So how does Lakshmi bomb? '

Mukesh Khanna further writes, ‘People in the film industry do it knowingly. They know there will be noise about this. The photo is promoted. When the film is released, people go to see the film on the first day to see what is in it. It has happened. This time it has to be stopped. '

According to Mukesh Khanna, Hindus consider people in this film industry to be tolerant, straightforward targets. But they can't do that with other religions. They take all such tactics to hit the picture.

Recently, the title of Lakshmi Bomb has been changed to 'Lakshmi' only. Mukesh Khanna opened his mouth once again. “It simply came to our notice then. No other producer will dare to make fun of our God in the future. '

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