All the assets of the Pakistan cricket team could be confiscated, a big threat.

BanglaHunt Desk: The England vs Pakistan series is on English soil a few days later in the Corona situation. The Pakistan cricket team has already traveled to England to play that series. The corona of one cricketer after another is being tested. All the cricketers whose test results are negative are joining the team. But now they are not able to enter the field. First they have to stay in quarantine for a few days then they will go on the field. However, from the quarantine, they may be escaping from the hands of Corona, but the controversy and threats do not seem to be leaving the Pakistan cricket team behind.

An organization called Broadsheet LLC received more than 33 33 million from Pakistan and the National Accountability Bureau. Pakistan failed to pay the huge amount within the stipulated time. The agency also sent a letter to the Pakistan Council, Allen & Overy, seeking a refund. But in the last few months, Pakistan has not responded to the letter. Pakistan did not even show any interest in giving money.

The agency had earlier filed a case against Pakistan and the NAB. The company has won the case. The court then ordered the confiscation of all assets belonging to the Pakistan national team. Although the agency has not yet taken any action, this time in a threatening tone, they said that any day they could raid the Pakistan dressing room and confiscate all the property.


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