‘All naga fathers should be arrested if nudity is a crime’, says Puja Bedi on behalf of Milind Soman

BanglaHunt Desk: An FIR has already been filed against renowned model Milind Soman for running naked on the beach in Goa. This time, actress Pooja Bedi is speaking on behalf of Milind. There is no obscenity in Milind's nude race, says Puja, adding that if nudity is a crime, Naga fathers should be arrested.

Supporting Milind, Pooja wrote, ‘There is no obscenity in Milind’s pictures. Seeing that there is obscenity in the mind of those who are imagining something more. His crime is to be famous, to be famous and to set an example. If nudity is a crime then all Naga fathers should be arrested. It is not acceptable to put ashes on the skin.

Milind Somon recently shared a photo of himself running naked on the beach on the occasion of his 55th birthday. An FIR was then filed against him for publicly spreading obscenity on a Goa beach. However, Milind has not yet commented on the matter.

The South Goa Superintendent of Police said charges have been lodged against the model under sections 294 and several other sections of the Indian Penal Code. He said the FIR was filed on charges of spreading obscenity. However, the police have filed an FIR against Milind after some netizens were forced to make statements.

In fact, an FIR was recently filed against Poonam Pandey for going to Goa and shooting a video half-naked. An unidentified person has filed an FIR against actress Poonam Pandey at Kanakona police station for allegedly shooting pornographic videos. The Goa Forward Women's Party has also filed a complaint against Poonam Pandey for allegedly shooting a pornographic video at Chapoli Dam.

On the other hand, despite running completely naked on the beach, no charges were raised against Milind. After that the brawl started on social media. If a man is naked, it is worthy of praise, but if a woman is naked, she is sneezing. The question arises. After that, the Goa police took action against Milind.