Ajit Doval got angry when he saw the Pakistani incident and rubbed the face of Imran Sarkar

Bangla Hunt Desk: Ajit Doval is angry with the behavior of Imran Khan. He also left the meeting in Russia. The India-Pakistan conflict has been going on since ancient times. The Pakistani militant group, which is well aware of this in the international arena, is always ready to strike at India and the world. India also never hesitates to retaliate. However, this time it is not a militant organization, but the Pakistani government that has risen and fallen directly on the map like China.

Meeting in Russia

Recently, a meeting of state security advisers of members of the SCO was held in Russia. The meeting was attended by Pakistan and India as well as other countries. But in this meeting, Pakistan did not raise the issue of peace and prosperity, Pakistan became a novice in achieving its own goals.

The Pak government presented a fake design

At this meeting Pakistan was about to publish a new fake map of itself. But India went against the design given by Pakistan and proved it to be fake. The Pak government wanted to run a new rice by agreeing to this fake design. But after being caught manipulating Pakistan at the meeting, NSA Ajit Doval walked out of the meeting opposing the proposal.

The Indian official left the meeting

In the wake of the incident, the Indian External Affairs Ministry said that a fake plan had been deliberately unveiled by Pakistan at the meeting in Russia. This work violated the rules of the meeting. These fake designs are circulating in Pakistan these days. After the release of the Pakistani design, the Indian official left the meeting in consultation with the country.

Incidentally, the government of Nepal, like KP Sharma Oli, in early August, the Pakistani government Imran Khan released a new design for Pakistan. Where they claim Ladakh, Shiachen in Jammu and Kashmir, Junagadh in Gujarat and Sir Creek – these are not part of India, they belong to Pakistan. At the center of this bogus plan, the dispute at the SCO meeting in Russia re-ignited the dispute between India and Pakistan.


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