Ajay had a relationship with these five actresses, Kajal was holding hands

Ajay Devgan and Kajol will be at the top of the list of one of the most successful couples in Bollywood. They have been by each other's side for 21 long years. The family of two has grown to four. Naisha and Yuga have come in their life.

However, many do not know that Ajay has been associated with many other actresses besides Kajal. At one time, five Bollywood actresses fell in love with Ajay. Even a fight broke out between Rabina, Karisma and Kajal over Ajay.

Rabina Tandon– Ajay got several photo offers with Rabina Tandon after Ful Aur Kante. The two have worked together in several films including Divya Shakti, Dilwale, Ek Hi Rasta. A love affair is formed between the two. But then Majen Ajay fell in love with another actress. It is known that Rabina was so madly in love with the actor that she even committed suicide.

Karisma Kapoor– Ajay also fell in love with Kapoor's elder sister. He fell in love with the actress after working together in the film Jigar. It is even known that Ajay had told the directors to take Karisma in all the films opposite him. When the love story of the two of them reached Rabina's ears, she remarked, “If they have two children, they should look like zebras.”

Kajal– Ajay Devgan fell in love with Kajal in 1994 while he was in a relationship with Karisma. Karisma moved away as soon as she found out about Ajay Kajal's relationship.

Manisha Koirala– Manisha fell in love with Ajay during Dhanwan movie. But Ajay was so busy with Karisma at that time that he did not pay attention to Manisha.

Kangana Ranaut– It is known that the romance between Ajay and Kangana started during the movie Once Upon a Time in Mumbai. The two then fell in love during a photo shoot. But no one has ever acknowledged this.