After the Atal tunnel, the longest tunnel in the world is going to be built in Himachal

Bangla Hunt Desk: Another tunnel is being constructed in Himachal Pradesh. Amid rising tensions between India and China, the Defense Ministry has expedited the construction of the Shinkula Pass after the Atal Tunnel Rohtang, keeping in mind the military importance of the Manali Leh route. The 13.5 km long tunnel to be constructed at an altitude of 18,000 feet is going to be the longest tunnel in the world. Once this tunnel is completed, China will be better monitored. At the same time, the movement of troops in the border areas will be easier.

The team of National Highways and Infrastructure Development Authority under the Ministry of Surface Transport is preparing the blueprint of Shinkula Tunnel. Recently Sanjeev Malik, Director and Acting Director, National Highways and Infrastructure Development Authority, visited Shinkula Tunnel North Portal to review the geological survey work. After the construction of this tunnel, road facilities will be available for Leh for twelve months.

Sanjeev Malik said Shinkula Tunnel is constructing DPR, where design work including review of geological survey work is underway. The consultants have recommended the construction of a 13.5 km long tunnel, and work is underway in that direction. Hopefully all the process will be completed by October 10, and the report will be submitted to the Ministry of Defense in late October or early November. The tender will be called in December.

He said that after the construction of this tunnel, Jaskar and Kargil will be able to operate in Leh area for 12 months. The people of Karjha village in Kargil, Leh-Ladakh are very excited to hear that a tunnel will be built. He said that at first there were many problems due to lack of road facilities. The goods had to be carried by relying on cargo animals. Once the road is done, all the facilities will be available.

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