After Ibrahim, Timur will also come to Bollywood, Saif informed from now on

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan's son Nawab Taimur Ali Khan will undoubtedly be at the top of the list of Bollywood star children. From a young age, he has become friends with the paparazzi camera. Even though it has become quite big now, the situation is still the same.

Timur had a great friendship with the paparazzi from an early age. Because he has been seeing the flash of the camera even before he became practically conscious. Timur is the most popular among the children of Bollywood stars. From an early age, he was chased by the paparazzi on his shoulders wherever he went.

There was no doubt that Taimur would come to Bollywood as a child of such a power couple. This time Saif himself made it clear that his younger son Taimur will also come to Bollywood. Timur will be a hero like him. He even wants Timur's first film to be a superhit.

In an interview, Saif said that his mother had acted in Satyajit Ray's film. Current wife Karina, ex-wife Amrita, sister Soha, daughter Sara are all actresses. Ibrahim will also start acting after finishing his studies. He thinks that Taimur will also be an actor. Saif said that now Taimur provides them a lot of entertainment.

Earlier, the actor said about Ibrahim, the boy should act to look so beautiful. There is no other place as safe as Bollywood. Ibrahim will make his Bollywood debut after finishing college. Saif also said that he can launch the boy in the movie himself. However, he is not yet sure about this.