After 14 sons, a daughter was born, and the festive mood in the family was one-sided

One of the reasons for the population growth in the subcontinent, including India, is attributed to the need for sons. Many parents in the subcontinent still think that the son is the reason for the financial prosperity of the family. Even in the 21st century, mothers have to listen to Ganjana to give birth to a daughter. But this trend is very low in western countries.

The Swandat couple, who live in Detroit, USA, decided to have another child after giving birth to 14 sons in the hope of having a daughter. Maggie was finally born with a light in their lap. Surrounding the family at this moment of the festival. Like Kateri Swandot and her husband, her 14 grandparents are happy with the new family member.

As a teenager, Katie Swandot had a conversation with Jay Swandot. That love resulted in marriage in 1993. Kateri gave birth to three children before she graduated. But not once did the little girl come to light. Although 11 more children were born in the hope of having a daughter, those hopes were not fulfilled. This time Maggie was born as the 15th child.

Maggie's mother is devastated. She thinks of him as the best gift of the year. His eldest grandfather, Tyler Swandot, 28, is also happy with him. The life of everyone in the family now revolves around little Maggie. Everyone is busy discussing his sleep, eating and crying. Little Maggie is the lifeblood of this family. The whole family woke up at the touch of his magic