Actress cutting a cake exactly like a penis on her birthday in a debate, tumultuous viral video

Bangla Hunt Desk: Actress Nia Sharma recently celebrated her 30th birthday. And this birthday video (Viral Video) has gone viral on social media. Incidentally, the shape of Nia Sharma's birthday cake was such that many could not bear it. After the video went viral, Niya Sharma had to listen to various jokes.

However, no one on social media got angry about her birthday, the main reason for everyone getting angry was the Near Birthday Cake. Many people expressed their displeasure by commenting on the video. September 18th was Nier's birthday, and Nier's brother and friends surprised him on that occasion. But in the video of Near Birthday, all eyes were on Near Cake.

Nia shared the video and wrote, ‘This is the ugly 30th year of my life with complete protection. I have no language to speak, but I am very happy in my mind. I don't know where to start. “


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