Abir-Rukmini's test in 'Switzerland', worships Dakshineswar for success

The movie 'Switzerland' starring Abir Chatterjee and Rukmini Moitra was released on November 13, just before Kalipujo. Just before the release, the actor and the producer of this film, Jeet, went to Dakshineswar Kali Mandir to pay homage. He offered this pujo wishing success to the film.

However, not only this self-produced film is popular, Jit has been coming with pujo since 2002 before releasing all the films. He himself said this. Jit also posed for a photo with the entire team standing in front of the Dakshineswar Temple. He shared the photo on his social media handle.

In the caption of the film, the actor wrote, “Since the release of the film on June 14, 2002, the morning viewing has never been omitted. This time my role is just behind the camera. Switzerland was released today. Many thanks to director Sauvik Kundu for the way he handled the whole team. I hope the hard work of everyone on the team can win the hearts of the spectators. '

The film produced by Jeet was released on November 13 in Switzerland. The film stars Abir and Rukmini in the lead roles. The story of a middle class family of a couple has come up in the film. Abir Rukmini has a happy family with two young daughters. As is the case in middle class families, Digha Puri spends its holidays in Darjeeling.

Their simple life suddenly began to stir. Abir is planning to go to Switzerland. In order to cover his expenses, there is some tension in the happiness of daily life. Excluding castrated meat and lobster. Pujo's shopping is also half.

But in the end it is known that it will cost four lakh rupees to go to Switzerland. How far will Abir go for the happiness of his wife and children? That is the story of the film. Notably, this is the first time Rukmini has been seen teaming up with Abir.


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