A two-foot-tall bezel's suffocating fight with a tall snake, viral is the video

Bangla Hunt Desk: The video of Mongoose and Snake fighting on social media has gone viral. We have heard the story of snakes and badgers since childhood. In this video, a small bezi jumps into the air and throws itself down from a tree. Not only that, this two-foot-tall beji took a snake three times bigger than itself in its mouth and took it to the forest. Naturally, after hearing all this, the question will arise in your mind, how is it possible?

But let's not forget that so much is happening in this world… nothing is impossible. The video of the fight between the snake and the badger is rapidly going viral on social media. This video was shared by Twitter user wnashik_Forest. In this video, it is seen that a snake was walking on a branch of a tree in a good mood, and then with a big jump from the front, the snake fell face down. Watch that viral video.

Eternal enmity between snakes and badgers. In nature, the fight between these two animals is heard to be related to the food eater. But very few of us have seen this fight. Beji's diet includes snakes, humans and other large animals. The video of that victim has gone viral on social media.

The viral video is probably from a forest. In this 29-second video, it is seen that a snake and a badger are fighting in a fierce battle in the public street. People walking on the road also stopped to watch this fight between food and eaters. Beziti tries from the beginning to bring the snake's fang to the bag. But in order to save his life, the snake also went to counter-attack by lifting its fangs. After a fierce battle, Beziti won. And goes into the jungle with the prey.

The video was shared on social media by Indian Forest Officer Dr Abdul Quam. He wrote in the caption, ‘This is absolutely normal. I am glad that no crusader jumped in to save any species. It is the survival of the fittest that exists in nature. ' The video went viral as soon as it was posted. The flood of like comments has flowed. In the comment box, however, netizens thanked people on the road for not driving.


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