A one-year-old child swallowed a poisonous snake while playing!

Bangla Hunt Desk: A fatal incident is coming up from Bholapur village in Fatehganj area of ​​Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh. One year, a child swallowed a snake while playing in the backyard. According to reports, the child was bitten by a snake and then his mother saw something in the child's face and ran away. By the time his mother arrived, the baby had partially swallowed the snake. When the baby's mother took out the half-swallowed thing from her mouth and saw that it was a snake! Then the baby's mother's eyes glaze over.

The baby was rushed to a hospital. The baby's father Dharmapala took the six-inch snake to the hospital dead. Doctor Harish Chandra said the child was given anti-venom injections and was kept in the emergency ward. Doctors said the Crate Hitching snake was very venomous, but the baby survived the journey because it was treated at the right time.

Farmer Dharmapala said, “My wife Somavati can see something in the face of our infant son Devendra, and he immediately runs out and takes it out.” Somavati screamed after the thing came out of her mouth, because the thing that came out of our child's mouth was a poisonous snake.

Doctors said the snake could not harm the baby because it was not too big. They said that when the child put the snake in its mouth, the snake suffocated and died. And because of this the life of the child is saved. However, if the snake was alive, the situation would have been different, they said.

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